G2 Travel and Stein-Shani Event production have combined their knowledge and experience to focus on Group MICE and Corporate events. We are committed to providing excellent service, innovation, flexibility and a personal touch.


    Questions & Answers

    Once a decision has been made to celebrate in Israel, many questions are likely to arise. We are here to find the best solutions to meet your desires. Let’s keep this part simple.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The role of an event planner is to make a client’s life stress-free, and to find solutions to a client’s specific event requirements. At Ink & Co. by Stein Shani, we meet our client’s expectations and guide them through the stages of planning an event. Choosing the right event planner, that is able to turn a vision into a reality, gives a client the peace of mind that they are in good hands and the end result is an event that will be remembered for a lifetime. Once you have made contact with us, you will quickly realize that working with a professional and dedicated partner makes the entire process of planning an event a whole lot of fun. Working with Stein-Shani Event production will give you first class access to subcontractors and to a team with years of experience in planning unique, successful and magical events.

    Our Philosophy

    In order to identify the exact needs of our client, we create detailed consultations in order to discuss goals and expectations. As we establish a common platform and fundamentally understand the client’s style and needs, we then build a strategy and plan accordingly.

    We accompany our clients through all stages of planning as we integrate creativity, style and elegance and we build a financial plan that will suit your budget and dream occasion.

    After uncovering the perfect venue to celebrate with your family and friends, we stay consistent with your vision and ensure the theme is encapsulated in all areas of the event. We constantly update our clients so that they remain an active part as we build the event they have always dreamed of.

    We will accompany each client throughout their event, making sure that every detail is attended to.

    Selecting a Venue. Can this be done from abroad?

    With all the past experience and knowledge we have, choosing a location without the client physically here in Israel is easier than ever. We provide the best images of your favorite locations in order to give you a realistic idea of where your event will take place. Once the concept of the event is nearly 100% set, it is recommended to take 2-3 days off to visit Israel as we personally introduce you to the different venues we have to offer. You are then able to see your final choice in person and to watch your vision come to life.

    How do I plan and event in Israel?

    Once you have decided to hold your event in Israel, the first step is deciding on a date. Choosing a venue, catering and bar services are the three main elements that come directly after setting the date. We will design a ‘Save the Date’ reminder and will send it via email to your guest list (if necessary).While building the concept of the event, we will provide you with a list of sub-contractors suitable for the event. An architectural sketch of the venue with the seating map and decoration will be presented to you for your approval. If you choose to visit Israel for a few days to finalize the details, we will arrange and accompany you to the menu tasting and have you meet all sub-contractors such as the florist, photographer, venue designers. At Ink & Co. by Stein Shani, we strongly believe in working together as partners, every step of the way, in planning and sharing thoughts, ideas and decisions.

    Does Stein-Shani Event production manage the actual event?

    To ensure that we give personal service to each and every one of our clients, we do not take on more than one event a day,  and no more than three a week. We are present in person at each event and never send representatives acting on our behalf. We believe that personally managing and constructing the event is the only way to achieve a successful event. It is also important for us to make sure things are planned and run smoothly throughout the event, exactly the way you have envisioned.


    There are many exceptional catering and bar services throughout Israel. Depending on what your prefer, we have contacts in several companies with both Kosher ‘style’ (non-certified) menus and Kosher certified menus. A Glatt kosher menu can be provided as well.

    What additional services do you offer?

    Aside from planning and producing your dream event, we will take care of all the arrangements such as: Hotel bookings, trips around the country or any other special and unique requests you may have.

    Quality in Everything We Do

    At Stein-Shani Event production, we constantly strive for excellence. We will not settle for an average or standard event and we certainly do not expect our clients to do so. We understand that no two event visions are the same and we will provide our experience and insight into achieving your dream within your budget, using top quality services and sub-contractors.